Kristi and Stacey work with a team of professional hair and make-up artists and will coordinate a timeline for you and your entourage.  Travel fee may apply depending on the location of the venue. Your wedding date is secured only if you have communicated with Kristi and have placed a $150 deposit. There is a minimum booking of Bride plus 3 for BOTH hair and make-up (approx $800 in total day of services) Friday-Sunday’s as these are our most requested dates. Please contact Kristi for other services such as make-up lessons, make-up parties, rates for lifestyle occasions, editorial work, commercial/theatrical work and a list of recommended products. Rates are based off years in the industry, experience and quality of work along with a kit fee.


San Diego Wedding Rates:

# Description Price
1 Day of Bridal Make-up $150
2 Day of Bridal Hair Styling $125
3 Day of Bridal Hair styling w/Blow out $150
4 Make-up ONLY Trial $95
5 Hair ONLY Trial $85
6 Make-up & Hair Trial $160
7 Bridal Party Make-up $85 each
8 Bride/Bridal Party Airbrushing $20 each
9 Bridal Party Hair Styling $85 each

All services include complimentary false lashes. Kristi also provides a complimentary lip gloss for her brides.


Kristi provides private make-up lessons during most weekdays. This includes 1 1/2 hours of one-on-one in depth personalized hands on make-up lesson. Kristi will also provide a list of notes including a step-by-step lesson plan.


Lesson Rates:

# Description Price
1 Private Make-up Lesson’s (one on one) $200
2 2 people (each person) $150